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About Me.


Hi. My name is Donna Kennedy and I am a musician. I am a pianist, vocalist, educator, worship leader, flautist, and songwriter. I started taking piano at 5 1/2, began singing in choirs at 6, and haven't slowed down much since. I recently graduated with my Master of Music Education from Tarleton State University. They say if you can do what you love, you'll never work a day; but I say if you can do what you love you will enjoy all the work that you do. I am blessed that everything I am doing at the moment is interconnected to music.

I have been married to my favorite duet partner, Tom Kennedy, for 36 years. We have two children, Rebecca, 26, and Jonathan, 22. They are both art majors, and musicians as well. We have three rescue pets - two dogs and a cat. 


The creation of this site was in part a requirement to complete my Masters coursework. However, I hope this site will beneficial for anyone who loves music, has questions about music, and enjoys making music with others.

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